Basic Handgun


This is a beginner firearms course that will prepare you for taking the SC Concealed Weapons Permit class.  You may be new to firearms or be an experienced shooter but never had formal training. With this Basic Handgun class, all participants will have a solid foundation on which to build upon.

This class is $100 per person.

  • Firearm Safety Rules
  • Parts & Functions of a Revolver
  • Parts & Functions of a Semi-Automatic Pistol
  • All About Ammunition
  • Actions & How They Work
  • Loading & Unloading Different Action Types
  • Malfunctions: Types & Clearing
  • Seven Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
  • Safe Storage Practices
  • Children & Firearms
  • Care & Maintenance of Handguns
  • Holsters & Accessories
  • Range Etiquette & Safety
  • Range Exercises using the Seven Fundamentals
  • Training Next Steps

This class involves live shooting, you will need:

  1. Eye & Ear Protection (we can provide)
  2. Firearm* (if you need one, let us know)
  3. 100 rounds of ammunition for your firearm**
  4. Pen and Paper for notes
  5. Drinks & Snacks
  6. Closed toed shoes required

We will provide targets. *Single shot semi-automatics cause a safety hazard on the range for new shooters. Please bring a double action revolver or semi-automatic in .22, .380, 9mm or higher. **Make sure your ammunition matches your handgun, only use factory loaded, boxed ammunition.

We keep our classes small in order to give you the best experience- group learning with individual attention. The maximum participants for this class is 6 persons. If you have a group that would like to take this class but have more than 6, contact us to discuss.