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A membership offer came that I couldn’t refuse, one that comes with an outdoor range space- from a hunting club. While hunting has been on my radar for a while, it is something my husband enjoyed in his past but hasn’t done much of while we’ve been married. Joining the hunt club has multiple benefits for us, a joint activity that we both enjoy, a place to spend outdoors with the kids, and a place to take students for outdoor range class space.

So now we’re building a blind, worried about feeding and attracting deer without scaring them away by scent, and getting me a shotgun to hunt with. I will not kid you, I want a Benelli M2 Field ($1499). It’s just not budget friendly at all, but one day, mark my words.

Benelli M2 Field Shotgun

Instead we looked for a more budget friendly option. I am definitely a beginner in the world of rifles and shotguns. I know, you’re thinking- why does she want a Benelli then? And my answer is, it’s a Benelli.

I knew I wanted a semi-automatic instead of a pump. For hunting, I’d rather not pump to load. I also decided on an Inertia instead of gas shotgun. If you don’t know the difference, read up on it here at Luckygunner http://www.luckygunner.com/lounge/gas-vs-inertia-shotguns/

Dickinson 212SR Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Not too much difference, except the Dickinson is only $299. The inertia systems are a bit different but after all the reviews we watched and read, we think this will be an excellent hunting shotgun. At least once I change out that little bead sight for a fiber optic one.

I’ve never been hunting before, hubs has me watching videos on YouTube to prepare for a dog hunt and other hunting scenarios. I’m not sure if I like dog hunting, I would rather clearly see what I am shooting than try to shoot a fast moving target.

I will say, I haven’t seen ONE set of hearing protection on any of these hunting videos. Just sayin’

This story will continue…


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