She’s Packin’!

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Very soon social media with be abuzz with She’s Packin’ photos, to bring awareness to women who carry personal protection devices. This campaign is close to all of our hearts because concealed carry is just that, concealed. We want to share with other women that they can protect themselves, see what we carry, you can too!

Carrying women will be sharing a photo amongst their friends, groups, and family. The group of women involved in spreading the message and bringing awareness that women are just as serious about personal protection as men, and want for women to feel empowered. Even if another woman decides to start carrying pepper spray or a self-defense tool on their keychain, it’s one tool more than she had before.

If you see a She’s Packin’ photo, please feel free to submit your own photo in the comments below or jump into the conversation! We are more than happy to talk about the products pictured and answer any questions you have. If you would like to get involved, email me, or private message Live Love Load via social media and I will get your She’s Packin’ photo ready to share!

The photo with this post is from Henn Holsters and Tactical, owner Hannah shared her own photo for this project. Please visit her Etsy shop for more options that may fit your conceal carry needs. Henn Holsters is also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so please feel free to Like & Share her posts.

#ShesPackin #LadiesRoar #LadiesShootToo

Stay safe. Stay Aware.


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2 thoughts on “She’s Packin’!

    1. Hannah John Moore from Henn Holster & Tactical:

      Hey Guys, I am excited to be a part of this project. This is my personal EDC that is always within reach. I get a lot of questions about why I have a tampon included? Anyone want to take any guesses? Did you know that a tampon is one of the most versatile and inexpensive survival items that you can get? I also have a large medical bag that I keep in my car but when I go out the door in the morning, these items go with me. Also included is my Klein Knife, Sig, Tourniquet, Water-proof Tac light, Paracord (every girl loves Jewelry right), gloves, and of course I carry it all in Henn Holsters and Tactical’s Annie! A versatile and affordable concealed carry tank.

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