Shooting Woman of the Month


This contest is to promote women in the firearms industry, to celebrate each other and by sharing your photos, you are encouraging other women to share theirs or to even start shooting for the first time.

Each photo must be of an adult woman shooting (rated G only), practicing gun safety rules, and you must be the owner of the photograph able to provide it without stylization. Each winner cannot win again within 12 months. Winner must be 21 or older, each July there will be a Shooting Girl Contest for female shooters under 21.


  1. Contest ends the last day of the month.
  2. Enter your photo in the comments of the Contest Facebook post. Post is pinned to the Live Love Load Facebook page
  3. The ONE WINNER is the Shooting Woman with the most votes (Facebook likes) on the last day of the month

A note about Facebook: This cannot be easily seen from Facebook Groups but is pinned as the first post in Facebook desktop and Facebook mobile. Also a winning tip is to TAG your friends under your photo, so they go directly to your photo. Facebook is not involved in this contest and is not responsible or liable in any way past, present, or future for this contest.

Participation Photo Release & Waiver: As a participant I agree to grant to Live Love Load LLC and its authorized representatives permission to use pictures that I submit for the contest. I further agree that any or all of the material photographed may be used, in any form, as part of any future publications, brochure, or other printed materials used to promote Live Love Load LLC, and further that such use shall be without payment of fees, royalties, special credit or other compensation.


Contest sponsors are companies willing to support our efforts to encourage women through inspiration in exchange for advertising on Live Love Load social media sites (FB/Twitter). If a sponsor exists for the contest, the Shooting Woman of the Month will win the prizes the sponsor has donated. This is not guaranteed. If you are a potential sponsor, please send us an email indicating what you would be willing to donate to a monthly winner.

Our special thanks for their support, our prize sponsors: Gun Tote'N Mamas, Lethal Lace, KeyBar, Speed Sights, Gun Goddess, Female & Armed Author- Lynne Finch, Offhand Gear, and more!

Each Shooting Woman of the Month Top Prize Sponsor gets free advertising with the contest promotion throughout social media. Increased sharing on our Facebook page and Twitter during the month as well. The Shooting Woman of the Month contest is free to participate and the prizes are donated to the winner at no cost to the winner. The purpose of the contest is to celebrate and share women's involvement in the shooting industry throughout social media to raise more awareness for self-protection, shooting competitions, and firearm empowerment and education in our communities.

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Pictures of our monthly winners of 2016. Will you join them?
Shooting Woman of March, Karen of SC
Shooting Woman of April, Shelley of TX
Shooting Woman of May, Debbie of SC
Shooting Woman of June, Tamara of FL
Shooting Woman of July, Kaylee of IL
Shooting Woman of August, Chari of WA
Shooting Woman of September, Danielle of CA
Shooting Woman of October, Valencia of TX
Shooting Woman of November, Amy of TX
Shooting Woman of December, Ashlynn of SC

Shooting Women of 2017

Faith, Shooting Woman of January
Suzi, Shooting Woman of February
Andee, Shooting Woman of March
Michelle, Shooting Woman of April
Alison, Shooting Woman of May
Jessica, Shooting Woman of June
Mia, Shooting Girl of July
Therese, Shooting Woman of August


Michelle, Shooting Woman of September


Stephanie, Shooting Woman of October