Fear to Power

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I could tell she was nervous when I first met her. I could see that she wasn’t sure what she had gotten herself into but was willing to try. As we talked about our past experiences, she shared how scared she was to hear gun shots fired at her next door neighbors home just a few months ago. She became visibly upset as she shared.

I was there to facilitate a Girlfriend Gun Party and show her and her friends how to safely handle firearms, how they work, and hopefully demystify their fears. Truly, education is knowledge and knowledge is power. She participated with everyone, did all the activities, and then it happened. She relaxed and had fun. She laughed. She enjoyed herself. After all the activities we talked about next steps for after our Girlfriend Gun Party.

The next step after a Girlfriend Gun Party is to go through a full basic class, either Basic Handgun or the NRA Basic Pistol class. Both provide a comprehensive understanding of shooting fundamentals and other practical knowledge new shooters need. As the ladies discussed whether or not they would take another class, she joined in saying she wanted to take another class. We then talked about the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit, while others agreed they wanted theirs, she was apprehensive. No biggie, it is a personal choice I told her.

A few days after the Girlfriend Gun Party, I got a message that she was leading the other ladies to go to the range and buy a gun! Whether or not she ever decided to buy a gun was not the point. She moved from fear to education to knowledge to power! It is what I hoped the Girlfriend Gun Party would be! Talk about inspiring!

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