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Let’s talk about that loophole…

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One of the hot button issues this presidential election on the minds of voters is gun control.

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s proposals to curb gun-related violence focus on closing loop holes in current legislation to prevent criminals from obtaining firearms, banning high-caliber assaults weapons and devoting more resources and attention to mental health access.

Here is a rundown of where Hillary Clinton stands on gun control:


Further, she says that she wants to close what she calls the “Charleston loophole,” which allows a gun sale to proceed without a full background check if the check isn’t completed within three days.

The Charleston loophole refers to Dylann Roof, the man accused of killing nine people inside a Charleston, South Carolina, church in June 2015. Roof was allowed to legally purchase a firearm despite a drug arrest months earlier. That arrest did not appear on his background check.

Let’s talk about this again. The “Charleston” loophole was a CLERICAL error. The system in place failed the victims of Emmanuel, not the background check itself. The clerk NEGLECTED to report the drug arrest for it to show up on his background check. This is sign that the system needs audited and fixed under current legislation. I feel the real aim of closing this “loophole” is to tax and record private gun sales. When I hear universal background checks and amending legislation to track people’s health records to declare them fit or not to be a firearm owner, there’s a huge problem here.

Universal background checks would need a firearm registry. Which you know they want, because they want to confiscate and ban “assault” (modern sporting/AR-15s, et al) rifles. I wonder if that includes the .22 caliber ones? Hmm, because we’re going based on looks, correct?

Have you been to the pediatrician lately? Has the good doctor asked you if there are firearms in your home? Guess what, along with your answers about alcohol, they are reporting your answers.

Hillary Clinton wants the same as she has always wanted, power and money. She was dead broke coming out of the White House as First Lady, remember? But she understands the middle class struggle with Obamacare and the immediate JUMP in healthcare costs once it was instated. The same bill that was “just pass it, we’ll read it all later.”

Trump is not a saint, never thought he was. I do truly believe he wants to help America as President. I know Congress will give him hell and he’ll be critiqued to the hilt. Whomever thinks that those in higher political offices are not narcissistic, you’re kidding yourself. Trump is not a presenter, he is a business man. We haven’t had a candidate in this election cycle that I was ‘excited’ about at all. I want us to stop being the nanny-state to the world and our citizens.  I know without a doubt, America is in grave danger with Hillary as president.



Article: Does this gun make me look fat?

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For decades, women have had few choices when it comes to the clothing they can wear to hide that they’re carrying a firearm. They could wear baggy T-shirts or coats, or put it in a purse and hope it didn’t get swiped or that they didn’t have trouble getting it out in an emergency.

Enter holsters, corsets, camisoles and other clothing designed to be flattering, feminine — and functional — for the pistol-packin’ mama crowd.

“I don’t want to dress in tactical gear and camo all the time. I love tactical clothing for the range. It’s comfortable. I don’t want to ruin my everyday clothing,” said Marilyn Smolenski, who in 2012 created Nickel and Lace, a company that caters to women who want to carry a firearm concealed but don’t want to trade in their femininity. “But I don’t want to wear it to the grocery store.”

Smolenski started her company right around the time when Chicago city laws changed and she could again legally carry a firearm. When that happened, she struggled to find something that didn’t make her look frumpy and didn’t broadcast that she was packing heat. Most of the clothing was geared to men — coats with hidden pockets, or holsters that tuck neatly inside a waistband. But until the last few years, those weren’t always great options for women who don’t wear belts as frequently and are more likely than men to wear form-fitting clothing, making it difficult to hide the fact they’re carrying a firearm.

“When you put a man’s holster on a woman’s body it sticks out. It doesn’t hug the body,” said Carrie Lightfoot, founder and owner of The Well Armed Woman in Scottsdale, Arizona, which does everything from providing firearms instruction to women to selling a variety of concealed carry clothing. One of her company’s first missions was to design and produce a holster that recognized the differences in body types and clothing styles between men and women.

Women’s waists tend to be shorter, providing less room to withdraw a gun from a holster. Hips and chests can get in the way too, she said.

Lightfoot and Smolenski said that some manufacturers tended to “shrink it and pink it” — thinking that taking gear produced for men and making it smaller and brightly colored would satisfy female customers. They and their counterparts emphasize they are driven first by function and safety before aesthetics come into the equation.

“Women need to know they can carry effectively,” Lightfoot said. “I think the key is finding a way to carry it so you can be comfortable and move through your day without being poked and having a big hunk of metal in your pants and not be able to sit at work.”

Both also are advocates for providing women with information and guidance on ways to feel secure and be safe. For Smolenski, that goal has led to the creation of the annual Firearms and Fashion Show which includes seminars on personal safety. Her company actually got its start with a line of jewelry — from necklaces that can be pulled away easily and then used as a weapon to “chopsticks” that can both be used to hold up hair and then be wielded against an attacker.

For Anna Taylor, the founder and CEO of Dene Adams LLC — named after her grandfather, who first taught her to respect firearms and handle them safely — the road to creating a line of concealed carry clothing began at around the time she became a single mom and the safety of the family rested on her shoulders. When she got her first concealed carry permit in 2013, she went through seven different holsters.

“Some were hard and uncomfortable. Some of them I’d have to take off and set down when I went to the bathroom and I was afraid I would go off and leave it just like I’ve left my phone behind before. Others, belly band types with a print so bad you could see the grip or outline of the gun through my clothes,” Adams said. “So when I went out in public, I felt like I had these awkward arms always trying to hide this thing.”

Her first design involved a mousepad and a post-partem corset to create a soft holster. She was able to carry the kids around, nurse, give the kids baths — even jump on the trampoline — “and I could forget that it was there.” With her last $200, she found a manufacturer willing to do a small run. Flash forward three years and she now has products on shelves at nearly 100 dealers around the country. She has expanded into safety and training and is now an NRA pistol and rifle instructor. She even has a few men who buy her products — including, she said, air marshals, who gravitate to the snug, comfortable designs.

“We have options that don’t have lace. We have solid black,” she said.

In Honor of the Fallen Dallas Officers

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Five police officers were killed in downtown Dallas late Thursday in an ambush-style assault as protesters peacefully demonstrated against recent police-involved shootings.

Seven other officers and two civilians were wounded. The identities of the victims began to emerge Friday. Here are their stories:

Inside Edition video

New Website!

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It’s here! I am writing this post as a test to see if it publishes well. This whole backstory of the website is a reminder that the first path taken is not always the best one. You can be on a path and think it’s good but if you’re not looking to improve, you’ll never know what else COULD BE.

It’s hard to learn something new, to break out of the same old, same old and step out of your comfort zone. You have to believe in yourself and I know the self-doubt creeps in. Wow, does it! But you can do anything you decide TO DO. Easy as that. No one is going to stop you, except you. I have learned that time and time again. I hear myself complaining that I don’t have time, but if I really want something- I make the time.

I hope you enjoy the new website as much as I do. More improvements are coming, I needed the url to be live to do further enhancements. 🙂 Have a fabulous day!

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