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It has been a while since I have written. Life has been very busy with students and projects. I have thought about what it means to be a strong person. I am sure your life has taken you down some rough roads the same way mine has and you have overcome the obstacles. Maybe, you are on the rough road now as you read this.

What I have learned is that every change starts with education. You can learn how your life can be different. You can learn how to be better. You can learn what other options are out there. While in an abusive relationship I thought for the longest time the abuse was my fault, somehow I was causing it. It was the library that saved my life: learning about boundaries, healthy relationships, emotional abuse made my life finally make sense. It was in those books I found a strength I didn’t know I possessed, a strength that came from hope for a better future, better life- a healthy one.

With education, I learned how to become healthier and how to leave.

On a lighter note, I recently started exercising for strength- again I turn to education to be effective. After reading books on women’s strength training and countless articles, I crafted a workout plan that I am putting into action. If the current plan fails, I have resources for backup plans and I have a program to graduate to once the current plan becomes easy.

Every change starts with education. We must KNOW what is possible to move towards it, education is the beginning catalyst of change. My journey into shooting started with education, it was through classes that I gained knowledge and confidence that led to me to here. Now I aim (ta da dum) to share that gift with others, providing the knowledge to increase their confidence and having fun in the process.

emPOWERed is the new motto for Live Love Load and Girlfriend Gun Party as it is ultimately the goal to empower others to better after education. It is my hope that all that visits Live Love Load and Girlfriend Gun Party will feel empowered.



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Class Package for Real Estate Professionals

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The real estate profession comes with risks, an agent is placing themselves in unknown situations every day. While your office might have Safety Operations Procedures, you are still out there alone with the unknowns.


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Instead of being a headline, learn what you can do to keep yourself safe and take a proactive approach to your own safety. Waiting for help is not ideal when you have someone in front you wanting to harm you. With this trio of classes you can learn so much and how to apply it to your life. If you choose not to get your Concealed Weapons Permit, you can choose another class from our offerings to substitute.




Why Refuse To Be A Victim?

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As soon as I saw the Refuse To Be A Victim course, I knew it was something I wanted to share with others! It is from the National Rifle Association, but has no firearms or physical training in the seminar, just solid, relevant information to help anyone formulate a personal safety plan for everywhere you go. Learning how to safeguard yourself from crime doesn’t mean you have to walk around afraid, but aware. Awareness is 90% of a proactive self-defense plan.

With this class, I learned so much about practical information my family and I can use in our home, our daily lives, and I came home and taught my kids a few things. The class changed my life and the way I view my daily life- I started changing my habits. Adopting new habits that if nothing else, made me feel safer and allowed me to be more confident in my life.

To live life with confidence? Sign me up, all day long! Take the information in this course and apply it to your life, and you too can have more confidence. Wishing you had a safety plan after experiencing crime is not having a plan to help prevent it in the first place. I hope you will give this seminar a chance and see for yourself.





Excitement & Fun!

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The excitement is spreading! Girlfriend Gun Party has been exactly what I hoped it would be. A great way to introduce firearms to more women, a way for friends to get together and have fun with a theme, and a very effective way to spread education about firearm safety. It is very rewarding to meet new people and share firearm safety and education with them and be a part of their inner circle for a little while.

When I started this, I hoped that other women would be just as excited as I am about it- and they are! You don’t have to have a large group of women to book a party, just you and three other friends, or even two. To ensure quality and individual attention, I limit the party to six women unless there are special circumstances. I love that instead of inviting women over to sell them a product, women can get together to learn & have fun without any intimidation or loud range.

When I started this, I hoped that other women would be just as excited as I am about it- and they are! You don’t have to have a large group of women to book a party, just you and three other friends, or even two. To ensure quality and individual attention, I limit the party to six women unless there are special circumstances. I love that instead of inviting women over to sell them a product, women can get together to learn & have fun without any intimidation or loud range.

Most women want to learn to shoot but never take the step to go to the range, that’s okay- I will bring the education and fun to you!

A Girlfriend Gun Party is perfect for:

  • Ladies Night
  • Baby Showers
  • Bridal Showers
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Team-Building at the workplace
  • and more!

Anyplace you can have a small gathering, we can accommodate. For larger events we can give more of a portable laser range to entertain guests.

Ask questions if you have them!

A’Hunting We Will Go

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A membership offer came that I couldn’t refuse, one that comes with an outdoor range space- from a hunting club. While hunting has been on my radar for a while, it is something my husband enjoyed in his past but hasn’t done much of while we’ve been married. Joining the hunt club has multiple benefits for us, a joint activity that we both enjoy, a place to spend outdoors with the kids, and a place to take students for outdoor range class space.

So now we’re building a blind, worried about feeding and attracting deer without scaring them away by scent, and getting me a shotgun to hunt with. I will not kid you, I want a Benelli M2 Field ($1499). It’s just not budget friendly at all, but one day, mark my words.

Benelli M2 Field Shotgun

Instead we looked for a more budget friendly option. I am definitely a beginner in the world of rifles and shotguns. I know, you’re thinking- why does she want a Benelli then? And my answer is, it’s a Benelli.

I knew I wanted a semi-automatic instead of a pump. For hunting, I’d rather not pump to load. I also decided on an Inertia instead of gas shotgun. If you don’t know the difference, read up on it here at Luckygunner http://www.luckygunner.com/lounge/gas-vs-inertia-shotguns/

Dickinson 212SR Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Not too much difference, except the Dickinson is only $299. The inertia systems are a bit different but after all the reviews we watched and read, we think this will be an excellent hunting shotgun. At least once I change out that little bead sight for a fiber optic one.

I’ve never been hunting before, hubs has me watching videos on YouTube to prepare for a dog hunt and other hunting scenarios. I’m not sure if I like dog hunting, I would rather clearly see what I am shooting than try to shoot a fast moving target.

I will say, I haven’t seen ONE set of hearing protection on any of these hunting videos. Just sayin’

This story will continue…



Fear to Power

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I could tell she was nervous when I first met her. I could see that she wasn’t sure what she had gotten herself into but was willing to try. As we talked about our past experiences, she shared how scared she was to hear gun shots fired at her next door neighbors home just a few months ago. She became visibly upset as she shared.

I was there to facilitate a Girlfriend Gun Party and show her and her friends how to safely handle firearms, how they work, and hopefully demystify their fears. Truly, education is knowledge and knowledge is power. She participated with everyone, did all the activities, and then it happened. She relaxed and had fun. She laughed. She enjoyed herself. After all the activities we talked about next steps for after our Girlfriend Gun Party.

The next step after a Girlfriend Gun Party is to go through a full basic class, either Basic Handgun or the NRA Basic Pistol class. Both provide a comprehensive understanding of shooting fundamentals and other practical knowledge new shooters need. As the ladies discussed whether or not they would take another class, she joined in saying she wanted to take another class. We then talked about the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit, while others agreed they wanted theirs, she was apprehensive. No biggie, it is a personal choice I told her.

A few days after the Girlfriend Gun Party, I got a message that she was leading the other ladies to go to the range and buy a gun! Whether or not she ever decided to buy a gun was not the point. She moved from fear to education to knowledge to power! It is what I hoped the Girlfriend Gun Party would be! Talk about inspiring!

Did He Just Say That?

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You’ve arrived at the range, you stop by counter to check-in and here comes Fred. Fred takes a look at you and says…

Oh no, better watch out, she has a gun.

Women should shoot revolvers, they are simple.

Here’s a pink gun you will like.

Forget that gun, this one is a Muddy Girl.

You have to have big hands to handle big guns.

Your hands are too small to shoot a gun properly.

To his friend, you better not let a girl beat you.

Are you sure you want to shoot THAT?

You can’t carry a .45, it’s too powerful for you.

This range is too long for you, the shorter one is over there.

Women always limp-wrist, they are too weak to hold a gun properly.

Women can’t rack the slide of this gun, it’s too hard.

You shooting a .22 or .380?

Do you want me to show you how to handle that gun?

Wow, your husband lets you shoot his guns?

Whoa, that gun is bigger than you!

If the women are done clucking…

Do you know how to load that?

It never fails, they say exactly what they are thinking without thinking sometimes. For every supportive, experienced shooter there is two others that have more opinions than sense. Do not let these comments make you doubt yourself or stop you from shooting. Share the ridiculousness with your friends and laugh it off.

Tell Us What Your Mama Said

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Celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend, I realize that a good bit of what my mama told me was true. Now that I have a seventeen year old daughter myself, I wonder what she will say, “my mama said…”

To celebrate and share the joys (and tears) of motherhood, let’s share what our mamas told us. Good advice, bad advice, funny stories, gross (should we go there?) stories. What other way to honor the mothers in our lives but with their own words! These are going to be GOOD!