Before You Drive With Your Firearm

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You want to have a firearm in your vehicle but you are afraid of how to secure it, especially with children in the vehicle with you. Each state has its own laws regarding carrying in your vehicle, consider your state laws as you look for viable options for your needs. There are many places within your vehicle to store a firearm, yet there are pros and cons to each.

A glove compartment can be a tricky place to store your firearm. Yes, it may have a lock- one that can be broken into with a bit of force. Plus, the glove box will be the first place a thief will look. You could measure your glove box and put a lock box inside of your locked glove box but this provides little security. A thief could still take the lock box and force it open elsewhere. There is no way to anchor a lock box to the glove compartment. Here are a few options for a lock box for your vehicle. The SnapSafe and Gun Vault models are amongst the well-known and most used.


Most of the lock boxes above have a security cable so you can lash them to the vehicle such as an anchor point on the floor or a secure bar under your seat. You can see these are not super expensive options and would secure your firearm from others being able to access it. How about if you want to be able to access your firearm?

I feel your console this is the most secure, accessible location for storing a firearm in your vehicle. These options are more expensive and most of them are tailored to your vehicle. The first option is an universal console vault that has a tray with cup holders to disguise it. Look at Console Vault’s options for your vehicle. Tuffy also has options for vehicle’s consoles.


Backseat in a truck? Only if you’re going to get a locked option… Tuffy has options for your vehicle. This option would not be easily accessible and most thieves wouldn’t waste their time lifting the backseat of a truck. With the across the seat option, you can also securely transport your long guns, no matter who your passengers are.

A trunk is also an option not easily accessible, hopefully you have anchor points within your space so you can tether your lock box to the vehicle. If you have a vehicle you feel comfortable modifying, you could anchor a larger vault to your trunk.

Lastly, no matter your storage options in your vehicle, leaving a firearm in your vehicle overnight or longer is not the safest option. You want to secure your firearms and leaving them in a vehicle unattended is not securing them. A vehicle is temporary storage, for when you have to go into the post office, liquor store, or your child’s school.

Exploring your options for securing your firearm is just what responsible gun owners do. If you need further convincing that securing your firearm in your vehicle is the best choice for you and your potential occupants, read this:

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