7 Minutes to Gun Ownership

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Columnist Helen Ubinas bought an AR-15 in seven minutes, she chose the firearm, filled out the FFL forms, waited for the background check and walked out of a gun store with a firearm. In an attempt to create a newsworthy article, she sensationalizes the fact that an American with a clean background can purchase a firearm at a gun store. Wow! What a concept!

Somehow she has confused the responsibility of gun ownership with terrorism and crime. Could this be due to the current administration of the United States refusing to label terrorism what it is? It’s not an act of terrorism until we have irrefutable proof, oh wait- breaking news…that was an act of terrorism!

Daily News columnist Helen Ubinas with a newly purchased AR-15 semiautomatic rifle on Monday. (AARON RICKETTS / Staff Photographer)
Daily News columnist Helen Ubinas with a newly purchased AR-15 semiautomatic rifle on Monday. (AARON RICKETTS / Staff Photographer)

Sorry, Ms. Ubinas. All terrorism and crime does not come from legal gun ownership and people with clean backgrounds like yourself. Aren’t you lucky, another journalist tried the same thing and was declined! You can turn any firearm into a police station after funding the gun industry, hey- show us some more how easy it is to buy a firearm in America with a clean background!

Here is her article: http://preview.tinyurl.com/hzwpy3b

She comments that “We are more divided every single day, and yet our answer to that is to meet fear and hate with more fear and hate and then expect a different outcome. To be shocked at the world we live in, left to do little else but hold vigils.”

We would have to hold less vigils if there were more clean background Americans carrying, ready to react to terrorist threats. We could stand UNITED, if all would just believe in the Constitution and decide education is more important than destroying American principles. Stop blaming the innocents for the criminal’s’ behavior and start encouraging people towards legal ownership and training.

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One thought on “7 Minutes to Gun Ownership

  1. What piece of hard-hitting journalism! Ms. Ubinas’ reporting is targeted toward those who already feel the same way she does. It really is no surprise to anyone else. So as such, It is garnering her a lot of attention, but doesn’t really bring up any new information, one way or the other.

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